Les Carmes de Rieussec AC Sauternes 2013

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Nog 4 flessen beschikbaar

27,95 per fles

Nog 4 flessen beschikbaar

27,95 per fles

Vintage 2013: 

The very wet, cold winter resulted in work in the vineyard being considerably delayed; bud break was late, and flowering was three weeks later than the average for the last 50 years; the changeable weather resulted in some flower abortion and uneven grape size, and therefore in lower potential yields than usual. Then at the end of June, the weather suddenly changed, and it was as if we were in the middle of the summer, with no transition, although there were a lot of localized storms.

The harvest period put our technicians in a cold sweat: rain, sun, and a long, slow ripening, which became difficult to manage with an “explosive” outbreak of botrytis in late September! Fortunately, the sorting teams were very efficient despite the difficult harvest conditions. The selective picking continued to the end of October with excellent botrytisation.

Les Carmes de Rieussec AC Sauternes


Team Ch. Rieussec: As we consider tasting to be a personal activity, we prefer to let the amateur discover and appreciate that moment by himself and have the pleasure to taste each wine and each vintage. Tasting notes which are shown on this website were made after tastings organised by our technical team, generally taking place right after the bottling. These notes are just for information and will not be updated.

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Dranksoort Wijn
Kleur Wit
Smaak Zoet
Land Frankrijk
Herkomstgebied Sauternes
Producent Château Rieussec
Oogstjaar 2013
Omverpakking 6 flessen
Flesinhoud 750 ml
Alcohol 13,50%
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